Alfacinha Interagro, a gorgeous, metallic golden palomino stallion, has what it takes to be the horse for all reasons. He is what a true competitor wants and yet is calm and sensible enough for any rider.  He is sensitive and light to the aides, and very uncomplicated.

This stallion is gentle and kind to other horses and his rider. He has lots of personality and makes a positive impression wherever he goes. He is lifetime registered USEF, USDF and 

IALHA registered and is ABPSL approved.  He is scoring in the upper 60’s in dressage shows and is the eye catcher at the exhibitions he has participated in.  Son of the famous Tufau.  If you want that storybook palomino, a gentle soul  and all the power of a top performing horse, don’t miss this opportunity!  



Alfacinha Interagro










Nicola (MAC)




Cyclope (SA)




Novilheiro (MV)




Unida (OI)

Habil (MV)


Heroina (MAC)


Viago (SA)


Cybeles (SA)


Firme (SA)


Guerrita (MV)


Brioso (OI)


Unica (OI)




Tufau Interagro








Olaia (MBR)

  Zola is personality plus smarts! He is incredibly quick to learn and especially balanced. His especially long, thick mane and tail make him romantic and stunning. He is currently training in classical dressage, and exhibition work.  He is extremely light on the aids, responsive and works hard to please his partner. This stallion is the classical  lusitano with exceptional abilities in lateral work, powerful push and animated movement. He has more gusto and talent than anyone could ask for. His training includes dressage and exhibition work. He bows, and has excellent manners.  His first dressage outing surprised all with a 74% , winning the high point award.  

2003    15.2

He is ABPSL Approved, and  USDF, USEF registered.

Available for breeding  

not currently for sale

Zola Interagro



Valente is a beautiful 15.3 isabel stallion with a valiant heart. He is a dreamy horse. He is sensitive and an exceptional athlete with great concentration. His training includes classical dressage where he demonstrates his high school movements in exhibitions and dressage competitions.

A perfect horse for professional or amateur and well on his way to the top. We have also found he has outstanding jumping ability. He is registered with IALHA, USEF, and USDF. He is ABPSL approved. Valente currently has four babies on the ground: three buckskins and one palomino.

Originally from Brazil, he is the son of Nicol (MAC) born in 2001. He has been color tested and carries no grey. 


Available as stud: $1800.

Available for sale.

Valente Interagro